We are pleased to inform you about the latest news from our project:



The Usability Study has started

ExerGetic started with the first participants in the usability study. This study will serve to evaluate the ExerG by testing it on future users. In this way, we will receive important feedback for the upcoming development phases and the fine-tuning.



Second ExerG installed at Reha Rheinfelden (Switzerland)

Friday the 13th was not an unlucky day in May this year, but rather a lucky day for our project and the whole Reha Rheinfelden: They got the brand new ExerG delivered. First tests have already been done and we are ready for the usability study that will start in a few weeks.

Stay tuned for information on how the ExerG was perceived during our study.



ExerGetic Project celebrates 1 year Anniversary

Exactly one year ago, we held our first ExerGetic meeting, which was the kick-off for this project. Since then, a lot of work has been put into ExerGetic and we are now the proud owners of the first ExerG that can be used for training. Our goal for the upcoming years is to further develop the ExerG so that it becomes an important training tool for older adults in prevention and rehabilitation.



First ExerG installed at Reha Zentrum Münster (Austria)

The world’s first ExerG was installed at the Reha Zentrum Münster in Austria. Our crew from the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) mounted the additional safety harness system that transforms the ExerCube into the ExerG.

With this, we have reached a big milestone in our project. We are excited to test the ExerG and its training concepts. This will give us important feedback for further development.


17.03. - 18.03.2022

Virtual Meeting in Switzerland

A face-to-face meeting in Switzerland was planned for the 17th and 18th of March to meet the project partners physically. However, the current Covid-19 situation threw a spanner in the works and the meeting had to be held virtually. Nevertheless, there was a cool and interactive programme on these two days, which was not only helpful for the project but also for the team spirit.



Photo Shooting with the ExerG

It is said that sometimes pictures can tell more than words. That is why we organised a photo shooting with two senior ladies in the ExerG. Both had a lot of fun and enjoyed being totally immersed in another world. It was also a pleasure for us to see how comfortable they felt while using the ExerG.



ExerCube is installed at Reha Münster (Austria)

Amid a beautiful landscape surrounded by high, snow-covered mountains, the ExerCube was installed at Reha Münster in Austria. This means that all rehabilitation centres, participating in our project, are now proud owners of an ExerCube, which will be converted into the ExerG in the course of this project.

No matter if you are located in Austria, Canada, or Switzerland, the future ExerG will be available for you!



First Prototype installed at Römerhof in Zurich

Santa Clause came earlier this year and brought us the very first prototype of the future ExerG to Sphery’s office at the Römerhof in Zurich, three days before Christmas. The first tests seemed to be very promising and we are looking forward to continue working with full power on the development of the ExerG in the new year. 

On behalf of the entire ExerGetic team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2022!



Named as the most active EWAHA '21 Conference Exhibitor

We are delighted to have been named the most active exhibitor at the European Week of Active and Healthy Aging (EWAHA) 2021 conference.

During this four-day-lasting conference, more than one thousand meetings were arranged and new collaborations and partnerships were established.

As a result of this nomination, the AAL Programme highlighted us on their homepage and social media channels (click here to see the article).

We are very pleased that the effort we invest in this project is being honoured in such a great way!



First Steering Committee Meeting

On the 03. November, we had our first Steering Committee Meeting. This meeting is held every six months and has the purpose to update all project members about the past half-year. This preceding project period is critically reviewed and conclusions for the future are drawn.

Subsequent to this meeting, a new team photo with the motto “Christmas” was taken (even though we are way too early).


18.10. - 21.10.2021

EWAHA 2021 Conference Participation

The ExerGetic project participated in the second edition of the European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing 2021, lasting from 18. – 21. October 2021.

This event aims to be the main European platform for sharing knowledge and showcasing innovation at all levels in the active and healthy ageing sector.

For the virtual conference, ExerGetic prepared an interactive booth with videos, images, and informative slides. Additionally, some project members played an active role in connecting with other people and in disseminating information about the ExerGetic project.



2. Place at the "Visionen Award 2021"

Our Austrian partners from the Reha Zentrum Münster have achieved second place in the “Visionen Award 2021” for the ExerGetic project.

This award honors the three most innovative and pioneering ideas and projects from Austrian private hospitals and is annually carried out by the “Association of Private Hospitals in Austria”.

The association states the following:

“We know the innovative strength and future-oriented commitment of our member companies. With the Visionen Award, we want to give them the public platform they deserve and show our employees appreciation for their work and know-how.”

On behalf of the entire ExerGetic team, we congratulate Barbara Seebacher and her team!



Trailer about the Development Process

Our partners from the ZHdK created a video trailer about the development process so far. This includes testing possible games and their scenarios as well as experimenting with different safety systems.



Hardware Meeting

In an interactive meeting, the ExerGetic team collected and discussed ideas about future possible safety systems. Thereby, several factors were taken into account for both, future patients and therapists.



Testing of the First Prototypes and the Game Mechanics

The team from the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) tested their first prototypes of the harness system and some possible games with its mechanics.



Start of the Focus Groups

Focus groups were defined and interviews are conducted with possible end-users (e.g. seniors, therapists, and health insurers) in Austria, Canada, and Switzerland to collect all crucial requirements that the future ExerG needs.



ZHdK Workshop @Römerhof

The team from the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) tested the first concepts in the ExerCube at the Römerhof (Zurich).



Development Workshop

In an interactive online workshop, all project partners together collected initial ideas for the exergame development.



Projekt Kick-Off

Finally, the ExerGetic project could officially start. In a virtual meeting, more than 20 project partners from three countries (Austria, Canada, and Switzerland) met each other to discuss the first steps within the AAL project. The ExerGetic project consists of six project partners from different disciplines. More information about the project partners can be found on our homepage.